Friday, August 31

Gates open at 4 | Destruction starts at 8

The end of summer Mother Nature vs Eve of Destruction show is slated for this bright and sunny Friday evening.  What a great way to cap off the first week of school and start your weekend.  Mother Nature has been battling against the world with the torrential rains but we stand up and fight.  And WIN!  Gather your friends and family and head on out to Birch Run for the End of Summer Eve of Destruction.


Saturday, October 6

Gate open at 2:30 | Destruction starts at 6:30

Before Jack Frost can start nipping at our noses, we are having the end of season Fall Eve of Destruction.  You won’t want to miss the last EOD of the year as the drivers battle it out for the last time.  Drink Specials abound at this last event of the year as we empty out our coolers.  There’s even talk of a special cider brew.   Dress up in a costume and receive $5 off your entry for the October 6, Eve of Destruction.

Helm Electric Inc. is a Featured Supporter of the Birch Run Speedway & Event Center.  You have no doubt seen their trucks out at the track. They are more than just electricians.  They are involved in excavation and demolition as well.  They’ve had their guys working on the lights, running electrical wiring, building retaining walls, hauling in gravel and dirt, and even grooming the pits.  It’s not just a contract to them, every job they work on is making an improvement on that work-site and leaving with the knowledge that they got it done.  Just like a driver, they leave it all on the track.

They are a Company committed to their Customers, Racing, and their Employees.