Many of you have wondered about the 24 Hours of Dixie Madness.  This Event benefits the Birch Run Township Fire Department.  We are still awaiting approval from the township, as this is an overnight event, but we wanted to put some information out for people.  This race is similar to one in Indiana that met with great success last year.  Here is the basic information. The Rule’s are basic… These are basic Street Cars and vans, NO TRUCKS, ( stock is stock ) nothing over 22ft in length. All side and rear glass removed, head and tail lights removed, stock gas tank for that make of car,  MUST have a working AM-FM radio, Stock bumpers no reinforcements. 4 driver minimum. same size tires at all time. This is a street car not a race car. No roll cage no racing seats, stock seat only.

This is not a race car.

Entry fee for this $500.00 per car (with 4 pit passes included) PAY OUT: 250 cars $25000.00 to win, top 125 cars pay out 100 cars $10000.00 to win, top 50 pay out Car with the most laps after 24 hours win.